What is a Reading?

Which topics / questions are treated during in a session?


In Readings I coach you using methods from Psychology, Body Work, Mediation and creativity, as well as mediumship (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance). In this way I pass along the messages of the spiritual world
to you and thereby answer your questions regarding all aspects of life: Professional or personal reorientation, small or big everyday problems or your spiritual development. 



Furthermore, I gladly share various tools with you so that you can learn to know, accept and love yourself more. 

When we accept all our aspects and integrate them, "own" them, we become whole. This is a (long) process which brings so much potential joy, calm and fulfilment. It is worth it! Let's become whole!

Readings are held in English, German, French or Swedish. 


All questions and topics are welcome.

We can talk about anything.

The spirit world and I take you as you are, support you lovingly and with lots of humour and offer you guidance, tips and tricks. 

With experience and empathy I gladly assist
 you on your path to greater self-knowledge, healing and quality of life.


Readings are currently given via Zoom / Skype / phone / live.

Price: 150.- CHF / hour 

Price for students / low-income earners: 120.- / h


Upon request, I gladly give you a further discount: Please contact me.


Mediumship is the possibility of communicating with a person who has passed away through a medium.

It's not at all as weird as it sounds! :-)

I pass on the messages from the person who has passed away, as well as answer questions from his / her loved ones.

This is a profoundly touching and healing process which enables you to grieve, get closure and find peace. 


Readings are currently given via Skype, Zoom, phone or live.

Prices: see above 

A reading does not replace a doctor or a therapist, but is seen as complementary. 

Camilla Tersmeden does not give future prognoses or healing promises.