Readings & Coachings

What is a Reading?

Which topics / questions are treated during in a session?


In Readings I counsel you using methods from Psychology, Body Work and Mediation, as well as mediumship (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance). In this way I pass along the messages of the spiritual world to you and thereby answer your questions regarding all aspects of life. 


Furthermore, I gladly share various tools with you so that you can enhance your own self-healing process.

You learn to take better care of yourself, set priorities, feel what it is that you want and need (and what you don't!) and if necessary to strike a new path.  


I also base my work on knowledge in the areas of creative expression and energy healing. Readings are given in English, German, French or Swedish. 


All questions and topics are welcome.

Anything can be discussed.


With experience and empathy I gladly support you on your journey to more self-knowledge, healing and quality of life. 


I gladly share hands-on advice and exercises with you as well. 


The reading takes place on Skype or the phone. 

Cost: 150.- CHF / hour 

Cost for students / low-income earners: 120.- / h


Upon request, I gladly give you a further discount: Please contact me.

A reading does not replace a doctor or a therapist, but is seen as complementary. 

Camilla Tersmeden does not give future prognoses or healing promises.