About me

In 2006 I started my practice for energy work in Zurich and since 2010 I give readings. I work with methods from Psychology, Body Work and Meditation, as well as mediumship (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience
and claircognizance).


Initially, I had totally different plans: I studied International Relations at the University of Geneva, as I wanted to become a diplomat. But life plunged me into a deep crisis and a long depression. So I decided to take a different path: 

I started training my sensitivity and mediumship, as well as practicing intensely. I thereby discovered worlds I had never even dreamed of.  



I gladly support you on your journey and base my work on years of experience, as well as my own crisis and the paths that lead out of it. It is possible! And you can do it!


- Cert. Life Counselling (2010)

Veronika Filyo-Peréz (ATP-Method), Lucerne


- Basic Training Mediumship & Sensitivity (2008-2010)

Andy Schwab, Kaleidoskop, Bern


- Dipl. Metamorphose-Therapeutin (2006)

Ecole de Métamorphose Violette Prodhom, Geneva



Autogenic Training (1996)



I love being in nature, dancing (Salsa, Tango, 5 Rhythms...), laughing and enjoying good food together with friends.