22. Juni 2020
Caught up in the old drama? Yours or someone else's? Time to get rid of it! It's worth it...
28. November 2019
We are free. We just haven't quite realised it yet...
18. Juni 2019
Summertime... and the living is easy! :-) But not for Mother Earth...
31. Dezember 2018
Letting go isn't easy... But we have everything to gain from doing it!
12. März 2018
Our True Self is so much better than we could ever imagine! Bigger, brighter, more loving than we could ever dream of. And your Heart is the portal to your Soul.
16. Februar 2018
Open Your Heart. It will change your life... Seriously! If we open our heart, we not only reconnect with the person we are deep down inside, but with who we truly are: our essence, our Soul... And that changes everything.