Dancing the Dream

We’ve all been through hell and back – all of us, each and everyone in their own way. It is time to give that up, let it go.
We don’t need it any more. We don’t need to live in fear, not any more. We don’t need to live with hate in our Heart, resentment, envy, greed or any other of the fun feelings that we all know. It’s time: Time to give it up, let it go. We can.

We can let go of the past, our past, whatever is holding us back. Big or small, we all have problems, we all have scars,
we all have fears that keep us from doing what we really want to in Life. That keep us from living our Dream.
Or dancing  it, like Native American spirituality says. According to that we all had a Dream before coming here, a vision of our Life and what we wanted it to be. What we wanted to learn, experience and share with others.
What was your Dream? The big one?


Mine was dancing. And spreading joy and love and light – as much as possible. And passing on the messages from the Angels, Fairies and other wonderful beings. I’ve done that, a lot of it, I’ve really gone “My Way” despite the hardship and
the doubt and people wondering what the heck I was up to. My poor family! They thought I’d lost it! But I’m still here,
going strong and stronger than ever…

I’m ready. Ready to finally live my dream! To dance it!!! :-)

I’m sooo excited!


What was your Dream? Do you know? Or have you stored it away somewhere safe where you can’t find it any more?
That’s OK, we’ll find it again. Promise, you can do it.


Do you remember glimpses of it? A feeling? A colour? Something that makes your Heart beat faster, the joy rise inside you like a tidal wave? It can be anything: Music, having fun with your family or your girlfriends, laughing, painting, taking walks in Nature, playing chess, sailing or whatever else it is makes you happy, relaxed or feel free…


I love to dance. Yes, I do. I don’t have a ballerina background, but I have a life’s worth of dancing experience: 5 Rhythms, Salsa, Tango Argentino, Ballroom dancing and a lot of clubbing and even more hopping around in my room.
It is my medicine, like some would say. Dance is healing, we know that thanks to dancers and innovators like Anna Halprin
(founder of the Tamalpa Institute) and Gabrielle Roth (founder of 5 Rhythms).


“Put the body in motion and the psyche will heal itself.” (Gabrielle Roth)


What is your Dream? Do you want to find out? Do you want to let go of the old, bad habits that keep you from living your True Self? From being truly grounded, centred within yourself, connected with yourself and everything that is? Below and above? So that you can let your Heart shine without fear and pursue the Dreams that you want to?

You are allowed to. You truly are.

And if someone is standing in our way, it’s usually us

The good news is: We can get out of our way.


The key is inside of you: You have everything you need. Always.

You just need to remember how to unlock the knowledge inside of you, how to listen…

Listen to your Body when it tells you what it needs, listen to your Heart when it tells you what it really wants and listen to your Soul when it tells you how beautiful and powerful you truly are.


See you on the dance floor!


“Dance is a conversation between body and soul.” (Gabrielle Roth)

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