What You Truly Are

Open Your Heart was the theme of the last blog. Today we're taking it one step further:

What happens when we open our Heart wide open, when we connect with our Heart and rest in that space, bathing in it, like in a tub of hot water, swimming like a fish in the Sea?


When we open up our Heart we not only open ourselves up to other people and other beings, welcoming them into our life and into our world. We not only manage to reconnect with them on another level than when we are in our mind; not only do we become nicer, more tolerant people towards ourselves and others, since we are no longer guided solely by our thoughts, ideas and concepts... No, we reconnect with our own True Self.


Our True Self is so much better than we could ever imagine! Bigger, brighter, more loving than we could ever dream of. It is our higher being, our true self, our real being, our true nature.

What we really are.

Not the actor on the stage of life playing a certain role, not the costumes you are wearing for your role, but the person inside them. The person who you really are. That person is so much higher and mightier than you could possibly imagine!


Imagine a marionette on a stage attached by strings to the person holding the pieces of wood with which he or she guides the marionette, making the doll move, walk, talk and dance on the stage. You are like the marionette. You think you are the marionette, you identify with him / her and you think that this is your life. This stage, the script, the other marionettes with whom you interact. This is your world, your life, all you know. Sometimes the scenery changes and the other dolls which turn up in your life, the plot has unexpected twists and turns and it is exciting and real and everything you know. It is familiar.


But it is an illusion. A total illusion. For it is not you.

You are so much more. You are not only the marionette which you think you are, you are not only the strings attached to you connecting you to the wooden pieces making you dance; you are even more than the hand that guides you. You are all of the above.


You are the marionette, the strings, the wood and the hand, as well as part of everything that surrounds you. You are a Child of God, whatever you think that this is. It doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter if you believe or not, it doesn't matter what you believe, these are only believes.

Reality is so much bigger. So much more complex and so much simpler at the very same time.


So, you are not your costume, not the lines you speak or the loves you have in your life – you are so much more: A sparkle of the Big Fire, a drop or a wave of the Big Ocean, a star twinkling in the Universe.


So why limit yourself to the role on the stage? Why limit yourself to seeing with your mind's eye when you can see with your Heart? Why limit yourself to accepting only what you can see and touch when Reality, the real one, is so much bigger?


What does all this have to do with Opening Your Heart?

More than you think.

Your Heart is the link to your Higher Self. Your link, your direct connection to your Soul.

In your Heart you can feel what the next step is, even when you don't know or understand it in your mind. In your Heart you feel what is right for you, what you need to do and what you shouldn't because it wouldn't be good for you; you feel where you need to be heading, who you should meet or what you should learn long before you know why.


Your Heart is a portal to your Soul.

Through it you have access to all the wisdom, all the knowledge and all the light and love of your Soul. That is amazing!
Truly amazing.


Try it. Open Your Heart, breathe and let go. Let it all go. Everything. Everything you have ever thought of yourself and others, everything you have ever imagined about life and all the rest, everything you have ever thought that you were and that you are not. Let it all go. It is all an illusion. You are so much greater than that.


And when you start to let go, breathe and sink into your Heart Space, that place in the middle of your chest where you feel a light, a little warmth. Breathe into it, like you breathe oxygen into a fire, nice and gently, giving the sparks new life. Breathe into your Heart Chakra and relax. Let go.

Don't force anything, don't demand or expect. Just breathe. Relax.


When you relax, you let go and you start sinking further into your Heart Space like sinking into a warm bath. Let it carry you. Relax. Don't do anything except breathing and being. And the less you do, the more you just relax, the more you start to expand. The more you sink into your Heart Space, the more life you give it, letting it show its true nature which is your true nature: warm, light, calm, quiet, loving.


Try it. It is worth your while.



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